In the last two months I have made more trips to our local Charity shop than I have in the past 2 years.

Cleaning, clearing and de-cluttering the house have been an on-going task. Kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and drawers. If I haven’t used it, worn it or really liked it, into the bag it went. Pictures, ornaments and knick knacks got the same treatment.

As you clear out the old, it makes space for the new; at the same time the energy of your home will be shifting and clearing. I have a lovely singing bowl that I go around the house with room by room, for this purpose. Another way to do this is by clapping your hands. Arms out stretched, start clapping that room, not forgetting the corners. Maybe you’ll even hear the sound of the clapping change! Give it a whirl and see what happens.

Our homes are also a reflection of us, so maybe take some time to just Look, so often we look but don’t see. Any areas jumping out at you!!!!!


I feel very blessed to be writing this blog today from Northern Cyprus, a retreat haven for me. A beautiful Island steeped in history. The Bougainvillea and Lavender greeted me on my arrival, a vast contrast from the lush green woods of Waggoner’s Wells on the Summer Solstice. The Wells were our childhood playground where I, my brothers, sisters and friends built wooden rafts on old oil drums from which we fished and swam from. We girls made skirts from the lush green ferns and put flowers in our hair, doing a hula hula dance with gay abandonment and imagining that we were on a tropical Island. In the winter the slopes became sledge runs, cuts, grazes and broken limbs were often the order of the day.

But, it was one particular picture I took that day that got me thinking of my roots.Hidden below the ground the ancient roots of this beauty but it was the roots above ground that had me mesmerised. I thought, I am that tree, below the roots of my family, my ancestors.The roots above ground were my roots, my journey. They looked complex, intricate, a blending and weaving of the pattern and fabric of my life. All this above ground saying, this is me, this is who I am for the entire world to see.Perhaps, the old way has been to hide who we truly are, the New way is to allow who we truly are to be seen.

The sea is now calling, so I’m off for a walk along the beach and feel the warm waters and sand between my toes.

Tibetan singing bowl

Beautiful Cyprus


My view