I completed my cardigan whilst I was away recently. I’m extremely pleased with the result, it looks great.

There was reluctance on my part to complete it though, for days I would look at the pieces, and then promptly got on with something else. That something else was some serious pruning in the garden. So I cut and clipped away to my heart’s content. The re occurring thought whilst doing this was the saying “can’t see the wood for the trees”.

After several days of solitude and pruning I was ready to complete the cardigan. My apprehension was now replaced with excitement; with the completion I would be ready for the prospect of starting something new.

I did notice a slight imperfection in my work; we can become so overly self-critical and beat ourselves up. I stopped myself as the thought went through my mind, “It’s not perfect” and said; actually it is perfect, perfect in every way. It was made with my own fair hands; it had given me much pleasure in the making of it, hours of relaxation and peacefulness.

It was unique and perfect in every way, just like you and me.

Front of the cardigan

Back of the cardigan