I would like to share the story behind the picture of the Butterfly.

I took the picture in the late afternoon on the 4th December 2012, it was extremely cold. I had gone to the wood store and a movement caught my eye.
As I knelt down the butterfly opened its wings slightly and I found myself talking out loud to the butterfly. As I spoke the wings opened wider and wider and continued to move as I was speaking.
My, how beautiful you are, so vibrant and colourful. Thank you for coming to visit me today. But what can I do, it’s so cold, how are you going to survive. I went inside, I had so many mixed emotions, I was elated at seeing the butterfly and suddenly feeling so much better within myself, then, so much concern for my little friend. I went outside again, it was still there.
Could I find a warmer place, move it somewhere else…. I stopped, took a last look and walked away. The Butterfly was in its own cycle of life, just like me. It had come at a time when I was feeling vulnerable, unsure of my next steps and also feeling a little bit left out in the cold.
Those few minutes with the Butterfly left me feeling more sure, stronger and happier within myself. When I later told a friend, she said “You felt you did nothing but you did everything, in that moment you showed the Butterfly so much Love, Compassion and Gratitude”.
We each have our own cycle of life but at the same time intrinsically interwoven with all life.
Great wisdom, insight and clarity can come from seemingly, the most simplistic of encounters.   

The butterfly in the wood store