Have you ever noticed that whenever you make a decision to change something in your life, every man and his dog wants your attention!! I must admit, that of late I have at times felt overwhelmed. At one point shouting out “I’m going into overload, I can’t do this”, this brought me right back into the present moment. I prioritised the things on my “to do list”, chose one and set aside all else. I focused on that one and it was completed very quickly. I have been tying up so many loose ends; it feels like weaving them into a tapestry, a tapestry of my life.

Making changes in our lives is not always easy; we have been doing certain things in a certain way, sometimes for years. Our changes affect everyone around us, they send out a ripple effect and sometimes a tsunami, but hold on to what feels right for you, be true to yourself and your heart felt feelings. If you feel yourself going into over load, stop re focus, it might even bring a smile to your face, we need to lighten up.