Russia has always fascinated me, full of mystery in the mists of time. So researching St. Seraphim of Sarov was no great hardship for me.

As a child St. Seraphim became very ill, at that time the Kursk Root Icon was being carried in a procession nearby, his mother took him out to meet the Icon. He recovered the same day. The Kursk Root Icon of Our Lady of The Sign dates from the 13th century and has a fascinating history and why it now resides in New York. My visit to New York coincided with the Icon being displayed that particular weekend. There is so much that I could have written about St. Seraphim and the Kursk Root Icon but feel that should be left up to you to follow or not.


Whilst at the Herkimer Diamond Mine, Corrine made me a casing for my stone Seraphina. Now I can wear it, rather than carry it around in my pocket or bag. Corrine made a beautiful job of it, it looks stunning. While the work was being carried out I was shown another Russian stone called Shungite, which I had never heard of.

I simply adored Ottawa, a wonderful boat trip on the St. Lawrence, a cable car ride to the top of Mt.Tremblant and Gatineau Park is amazing and I imagine it to be breath taking in the Autumn.

It just so happened that my friend took me to her local crystal shop in Ottawa, I asked about a black Russian stone (momentarily forgot the name). Needless to say I came back to England with a small piece of Shungite.

So many insights, reflections, synchronicities and brief, chance encounters. One being the lady who came and stood beside me when I arrived outside my hotel in New York.

Dragonflies present themselves to me in many ways. A spilt second, I asked to take a picture, and then she was gone. All rather surreal.

This adventure was all about TRUST, trusting myself completely and following the signs, all things considered, I feel I did pretty good.

St. Seraphim of Sarov

Corrine made me a casing for my stone Seraphina.