My trip to the airport last weekend was very revealing for me. Getting to Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5 are very easy but Terminal 4 was a new one on me.

With no Satnav telling me the way to go, I had to follow the signs. I reduced my speed and was very mindful and focused on each and every sign post, of which there were many.  I arrived at my destination in good time and a perfect parking space was waiting for me.  A deep breath and my tummy relaxed, I was just a teeny bit tense .

As agreed, I waited for Chris and Sarah in the coffee shop, time enough for a relaxing coffee.  When we are familiar with a road, it’s easy and becomes second nature, we go on automatic pilot.

How often have you gone from A to B and can’t remember passing certain places. A  new route takes focus and attention; you have to take control of the gear stick. Reverse, change or make minor adjustments to a route and you start to see many more new beautiful views.

The unfamiliar road becomes familiar over time.