Last week I posted a flower picture each day on my face book page The Lighter Side.

This blog is a visual view of my week. The flowers reminded me of a lovely little book I have called The Message of a Flower – The Divine Immanence in Nature. Written and first published in 1920 by Henry Thomas Hamblin. I have extracted a few random paragraphs here.

 “Let us have constantly before us a few flowers. Just a few simple blooms on our table or desk, to keep us in touch with the infinite”

 “When we look lovingly into the tender face of a wayside flower, we see not a mere neglected, unappreciated blossom wasting it’s sweetness on the desert air, but something of the imagination of the divine mind”

 “For those who look upon Nature with appreciative eyes and understanding heart, enter into the inner meaning of things. Their thoughts become spiritualised, their consciousness enlarged, their inner life quickened as the unity of all life is absorbed into their being”

The bells of the Foxglove opening for all to see.

The Poppy reminds me of sunsets on an artist’s canvas.

The Cornflower has such gentleness about it.

Mother Nature’s wonders make my heart sing.

The beauty and aroma of this Rose is magnificent.


Serenity, peacefulness, grace and gratitude, my feelings at the time I took this picture

They look like rays of sun shine gently swaying in the breeze