It seems an age since I last wrote my blog. I need a bit of WD40 on the fingers as they feel a bit rusty and stiff. I did a face book post at the beginning of December that was reflective of October and November, which I will add at the end.
December was very busy and family orientated .
A 5 day trip to Spain so we four sisters could spend some time together. The trip included 2 days in Seville, what a beautiful city. A horse drawn carriage ride through the park in the late afternoon sunshine was delightful. Then home to prepare for Christmas and New Year with all the family, again so much fun and copious amounts of laughter. A very hectic and social time.

New Year

The start of the New Year was once again the other end of the spectrum, slow, slow,  slow. This was more a heavy feeling; things seem to be taking so much time and effort, like walking through mud at times. Then a sudden flare of energy, then back to the plodding.

January was also a month of firsts; I joined the gym and committed to do a class each week day.

3 Zumba classes (also a first for me). I spend a lot of time grinning, as my arms and legs seem to have a mind of their own.
My sister says I look like a stick insect in my leggings and long sleeved body. Having caught sight of myself in the mirrors, prancing about, I have to admit, I can see where she is coming from……..

2 Aqua aerobics classes, who chooses to do Aqua aerobics classes when they can’t swim!!!
Crazy I know but I just love the class. I have told everyone, if you see my arms flaying around and I’m under water – please save me because I’m probably drowning.

I’m also in the process of breaking down a 40+ year smoking pattern.

3rd of December 2013

I’m not sure about anyone else but for weeks and weeks I have felt the need to slow done. For those who know me well, if I’m not juggling ten different things at once, there must be something wrong!!. I have listened, my mantra has been “I will do this, that or nothing”, the nothing has been extremely revealing.

In the nothing I have sat and listened to some beautiful music. I have sat and knitted myself another cardigan. I have enjoyed several Pilates classes. I have walked in nature and watched the leaves change colour. I have noticed wonderful sunsets and took the time to stand and stare. I caught a glimpse of the berries on the holly bush, a reminder of the festive season to come.

My nothing-ness has made me more centred, more focused, more relaxed and happier within myself, which in return reflects outwards. And ALL the things that had to be done, got done.
Amidst the slow,slow,quick,quick,slow of the past few months, I decided to attend a workshop/journey to the Sacred Land of the Maya.

I leave for Mexico tomorrow, The Wisdom of the Stars Journey will take me to Mexico and Guatemala. I look forward to meeting Miguel Angel Vergara,  Tom Kaypacha Lescher and Trudy Woodcock our teachers for this journey.