Obedience, had an immediate effect on me as soon as I saw the word, it conjured up so many thoughts and feelings. I needed to be good and do what I had been told to do, obey, submission, follow the rules. The feeling’s of restriction invaded my body, just seeing the word my body felt tense.

I then looked at the Angel and she made me smile and I relaxed. There was this cool Angel sitting at the traffic lights, waiting to roar off on her motorbike when the lights went green. Her hair and wings awaiting the wind that would blow through them. The freedom of the open road ahead. Yes, she is being obedient, for her safety and others.

I wonder am I being submissive in any situations around me. Am I obeying any rules that I have set for myself.

The Angel Obedience has certainly triggered a few things within me to contemplate on this coming week.

At times we have to stop, get ready and prepare with the amber and go go go when the green light shines, to hit that open road with the warm winds blowing through our hair.