This story has been going around in my head for days, so I thought I would share it with you. Several years ago I saw these scenes in my minds eye.
This is what I saw and heard.

The Tribes

It was a clear bright night, inky black with stars that glowed so bright, one could almost pick one from the sky.
The moon was full; a huge ball of light, the scene below could be seen with ease from the advantage point high on the ridge. The whole plain below was covered with hundreds and hundreds of people.
Many tribes coming together for this the Great Gathering.


The young boy looked up to his father and pointed, a pathway was materialising amidst the people. Then he saw her.
She walked with such grace, every movement just flowed one into the next.
She was not very tall and slight of body. Her raven black hair shone and was braided and interwoven with beads.
Turquoise feathers danced as she moved. Her dress was made of the softest skins and of the purest white.
Delicate, intricate beading formed unique patterns on the dress, the like of which had never been seen before.

Even from this great distance she looked just a few feet away. She slowed and moved to the centre of the circle. She raised her hands heaven ward and spoke, her voice was crystal clear, it was as if the world stood still, not a sound could be heard but for her clear, strong, gentle voice.
As she spoke she seemed to be surrounded by tiny little lights, every colour of the rainbow and more that I didn’t know.
She twinkled and sparkled as she spoke her words of wisdom.


The young boy asked his father who she was.
They call her Dragonfly because as she speaks from this world to the next, the vision you see before you is what happens.

“It is with great love and joy that I speak to you this day, the coming together of all the great tribes brings much energy to this land.
This energy will go deep into the Mother and will be held there for future times.

Great trials and tribulations will come to pass and this gathering will enable the next stage to unfold.
The gate keepers will then speak their truths; these have been held for aeons of time. The wise ones will come again and again and one day hearts will again be open to receive.

Mother Earth

We will become a broken people but we will not be alone in this. So I say to each and every one of you, hold your truth in your hearts.
When you have journeyed back to your homelands, gather, draw together and release this collective energy into the earth. These will become power points of energy covering Mother Earth.
The elders and wise ones will know of these places. In times to come there will be others who feel or just know. There will come a time when these energies will be able to be assimilated within the body, but not until the body is ready.

So let our works begin, to plant the seeds so that in future times the Mother can bring forth her jewels for human kind”.

The scene changed, the little boy was asleep and Dragonfly stood looking over him. The boy woke, Dragonfly knelt beside him and said” One day, many hundreds of years from now, you will remember this event and when you do, your true work will begin”