This past week has been a week of reflection.
Last Monday I returned home from 4 days in the Netherlands, it had been a time of high creative energy and deep reflection.
Although I felt tired on the short flight home my mind was working overtime on my “to do list”. The list was getting longer and longer by the minute.

On Tuesday morning I was ready for the off! But alas, within an hour or so of getting up I put my back out.
The following two days were incredibly painful and I had no other course than to take to my bed. Any basic needs were extremely difficult and painful and the sisterhood and brotherhood angels of the month were in high demand.
The more I surrendered to this enforced rest the easier my back became. I’m normally very good at resting when I need to, any of my friends will tell you that, “I can sleep on a clothes line”.

It seems to me that currently the time that we give to ourselves is not enough, so what you think is enough, double it and we should be nearer to what we actually require.

I so welcome the Angel of Inspiration this week but am also mindful for the need to go slowly and not be caught up in the whirl of activities that abound.