The Angel of the week is Courage and she follows on nicely from the Angel of Clarity last week.

With so many things happening over the past few weeks, one after another and a continued buzz of so much to do and little time to do it in……

I took solace in my garden for three days. I had come to the point, “if the house is not on fire then don’t bother me”, it could all wait.
Hence the reason the Angel of the week is a day late.

During this time I became clear on many things and gained Clarity on several more.
With Clarity often comes some form of action, when I drew the Courage Angel today, I thought, how perfect.

Whenever I see the word courage I often thing of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it takes courage to walk the yellow brick road.
It’s having the courage to say Yes but also the courage to say No.

We sometimes need to do a little searching for that courage.
On my desk I have a thought prayer by Teresa of Avila: “Many remain at the foot of the mount who could ascent to the top”.

I repeat and ask that you always have courageous thoughts.
As a result of them, God will give you grace for courageous deeds.

Our cottage only has a small garden but I have an abundance of pots and in a few short weeks I will have a beautiful colourful display of flowers.

Each pot was planted with loving care and attention, I gave each pot my focus and attention and loved the feel of the soil on my hands and under my finger nails.

It was at these moments that clear thoughts came and  feelings of peace prevailed.
Somewhere in the picture of my garden the Angel of Courage is hiding, perhaps as you look for and find her she will assist you in the coming week.