What an amazing, wonderful gift I was given this morning.
Today is the 8th day that I have posted a picture on Facebook, moments in time of my day.
Each and every day brings its own gifts, moments in time that can make us smile and wonder at the beauty of the world that we live in.
It can fill your heart with overflowing feelings of peace, love, gratitude and the preciousness of all life.

Baby Turtles

This morning I walked along a small deserted beach, happy in my solitude.
The arrival of five young people on to the beach broke my reverie but what a gift I was about to receive from them.
They were from the turtle project at Alagadi and had come to check a nest that had hatched two days previously.
They were checking to see if any of the baby loggerheads had been unable to get out by themselves.
I was privy to this process.

Wonder of wonder three babies were found alive.

I was spellbound at the first find and overwhelmed to be able to hold the second one out, a magical precious moment in time.

Below are a few photographs from my week.

Breath takingly, beautiful Bougainvillea

A beautiful sunset

An abundance of Passion Fruits almost ready to eat

The Thistles watch the sun go down

Renegade goats go past my door

A tiny red dragonfly pays a visit today

Purest of white Bougainvillea

The first blooms of this plant

The deserted beach

The first turtle out

My first encounter with a baby loggerhead turtle