I have been having this dance with Words the last few days and also nursery rhymes popping into my head.

One being:

Sticks and stones will break my bones,
but names (words) will never harm me. 

Words, either spoken, written or heard have a huge impact on us. They can inspire us, make us laugh or cry or can hurt us. Words can and do hurt us deeply and we can hold them deep inside of us for years.
They can have a bearing on how we view ourselves and others.
I recently saw these words on a tee shirt:
In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind.


Recently I was listening to an interview; I was nice and comfy, ear phones in and enjoying this space very much. On the second time of being interrupted, I pulled out the earphones, I was irritated, annoyed and snappy, “can’t you see I’m listening to something”. The whole ambiance and energy of the room changed, it was now fraught. Was I being kind in that moment, no I wasn’t, in those few minutes I had made a choice.

On reflection I knew I could have taken out my earphones, answered the question and said something like: “This is really good and there’s about half an hour to go”. I feel sure the outcome would have been quite different.

Winds of change

Don’t you just love synchronicities?
As I started this blog I received a message from one of my sisters. It was a photo of the label inside her jacket; this is part of what it said:

When you find your passion, you become unstoppable.

If we are afraid of change we stop inspiring people.

Let’s not choose that. Let’s be extraordinary!”.

How do you feel about change?
Do you think it’s frightening or do you embrace it?
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