Are you willing to take a Risk this month, we often say we can’t risk this or that for many reasons. Mainly the reason is because of fear, fear of change, fear of the unknown or maybe fear of what others might think.

We give ourselves a hundred reasons why we shouldn’t write that blog, make that video, go on that holiday that you have always dreamt about. Maybe accept that invitation, who knows where it might lead. By taking a risk you just might find that passion you have been looking for.

We often think of what can go wrong more often than not, not what can go right. There is no right or wrong but always the possibility of growth.

So, I would say, embrace the Angel of Risk this month and allow her to support you. You will never know unless you make a movement, take some action.

I get the feeling that this Angel is going to be busy this month, let me know in the comments below how this little Angel has shown up in your life this month. I just love hearing your stories.