When the Angel of Expansiveness revealed herself to me, I was overwhelmed with the feelings of joy and happiness. I smiled and opened my arms wide, it was as if my heart was saying, “And here I am”.

The Angel of Expansiveness reminded me of my roses, which are currently in the process of opening into expansion, themselves. Each rose is in a different stage, just as each of us and the various stages of expansiveness that we are in. Each one is unique, beautiful from bud to full bloom. In our own expansiveness we dance between the two, each stage necessary, just like the rose.

We are constantly in cycles, be it on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly time frame, we are in the cycle of life. We need time for the bud period, to go within, before we emerge into the full bloom energy of expansiveness.

Take time to be the bud, nurture your very being and give yourself some tender loving care. Be courageous and strong, full of happiness and joy as you come into full bloom.

May the Angel of Expansiveness guide and support you throughout the month of June.