Tender Loving Care has been popping up recently. As is my want, I had a little ponder on this …..

How good are we really on giving ourselves some TLC.  In the most part we are not terribly good at giving ourselves that all important TLC, or at least not as often as we should. As I thought more about it, I thought about my little car. If I keep her topped up with fuel, check the oil and water, she runs like a dream. If I don’t top her up with fuel, the red light comes on and we go into the reserve tank. If we continue on the reserve tank, we can really mess up the engine, the filters can get blocked and then a bit of a splutter and you will stop. This can happen in the most inconvenient place or time, causing a whole lot of stress, anger and maybe a few tears.

If we look at our body, we can liken it to that engine. If we continue to run on our reserve tank of energy, something is going to give. Are we putting enough good food in on a regular basis, various oils to keep us well lubricated and water to keep us hydrated?
When my energy levels are low, I find it harder to do all these things and can create a vicious circle.

I’m so much better at giving myself some tender loving care nowadays. I love my naps and say no more easily, I don’t feel bad now about all the “I should be doing this or that” and my “to do list” has been re-named “my reminder list”. I just love the energy of my Reminder List.

I have recently discovered how my body loves to be still. So I lie flat on my back and say “just be still” to my body, if I have any, “I need to”…..or “I should” …… I say to my mind “just be still”. I can feel and hear my body go “ahhhhhh” and I smile. Within 10-20 minutes of just being still you can really feel your energy building. Why not give it a try?

So many clients and friends are running on their reserve tanks of energy at the moment, it’s such a common theme at the present time.

I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know, this is just a gentle reminder. I feel it is so vitally important these days to really make sure that we are making the time to nurture ourselves, with some Tender Loving Care.