Our Angel of Strength for the month of October is hugging an enormous Tree, drawing on it’s Strength, Wisdom and Energy.

What does the word Strength conjure up for you. We have physical strength, emotional strength, strength of character, the strength to overcome our fears of moving forward in our lives or the strength to change a current situation.

When I drew this Angel, my overriding feeling was Emotional strength, the need for emotional strength this month. Being in nature this month will give us much needed strength, this also seemed a really important aspect for this month.

Take time for a walk in the park, walk bare foot on the grass or sea shore. Trees, Trees, Trees are shouting in my mind. So, be with tress, acknowledge the trees, stand by trees, sit under the trees. You may say that you have no trees near you, if that’s the case, look at pictures of trees, connect to trees in some shape of form. You can also focus on our little Angel hugging that great big tree.

Have a wonder-filled October, much love and laughter to you all, for the coming month.