Normally at the end of December we reflect on the year. This year as December dawns, I find myself in a reflective mood of the previous 11 months. 

It feels very much like this December can be used to reflect, refine and sieve through again, what feels right and what doesn’t. What is working and what needs readjusting, tweaking or discarding. A bit of de-cluttering would not come amiss either.

Isn’t there a saying “Ring out the Old and Ring in the New”?
This is the energy that I’m feeling, a time of preparation, to be ready for the New Year.
I also get the sense that some of you may have that feeling of “hitting the ground, running” come January 2019.

My year thus far;

My son Charles proposed to Lauren in April and on the 20th November Christopher proposed to Sarah whilst they were on holiday in Myanmar.

I’m so happy for my boys, must say, they have impeccable taste, I couldn’t wish for two more beautiful, soon to be daughters.

I visited 3 new areas in the USA, Florida, San Diego and Idaho, visiting old friends, some that I hadn’t seen for many years and new special friendships formed.

Several trip to Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon, my first trip to the Bordeaux area of France, each trip an absolute delight.

It’s been a topsy  turvy year, with many a “What the HECK (or alternative vocabulary) IS GOING ON”. A bit of an energetic roller coaster year for sure but realisations and insights always followed those times.

Supporting Angels

Doing the Angel of the Month in video form and writing a newsletter has not been without its challenges for me, trying to get to grips with social media, my new laptop and an iPhone. I’m amazed that I’m still standing!!!

I’ve had self-doubt, been incredibly self-critical BUT always, without exception the little Angel of the month has given me, and I know so many of you, such support and guidance.

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At the end of October, I reached the 1 year clear marker, following my treatment for Colorectal Cancer, I still have another year of three monthly scans etc.
I didn’t fully realise the recovery process that this would entail. 
Not only was my body weak but my mental and emotional bodies needed a tremendous amount of tender loving care also.

Learning patience, honoring new set boundaries, acceptance that I didn’t have the energy levels as before. Not always easy for someone, who usually had 10 balls in the air at the same time.

I would like to say that I have got the balance right, but that would not be strictly true, but I’m working on it.

Angel of the month video for December

Angel of Integrity

The Angel of Integrity stands tall and strong in silence. She is filled with Grace, her heart is open.

This little Angel has strength and courage, as she stands in her truth, the silent understanding of wholeness.

Take the hand of the Angel of Integrity during the month of December as you walk gentle in the Truth of who you truly are.

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Wishing you all a joyful and reflective December.