The Angel of the month for February will not be in its usual video format. Having decided this, I then had a dilemma as I know so many of you look forward to the Angel and I was getting a wee bit anxious.

Giving the matter further thought I came up with this…. I would draw an Angel for the month and then on the following 4 Mondays I would draw an Angel for the week.
So, we will have the overall Angel for the Month and each week a further Angel of support for that week.

I then drew the Angel for February and out popped Commitment, which was perfect.
I have committed to doing the Angel of the month but for various reasons doing the video this month, felt off, if you know what I mean.

Yes, it’s in a slightly different format but I have kept my commitment to the Angels, to myself and to you.

I don’t like to inundate people with emails but if you would like the Angel of the week for the next 4 weeks please let me know by contacting me here!

Stay safe and warm in this cold snowy weather.”