Our Angel for the week commencing the 25th February 2019 is the Angel of Clarity and is the final Angel for the month of February.

She is looking through an eyeglass at the rolling countryside and the bright sun rising, ready to illuminate the beautiful vista. She is seeing things very clearly and with it Clarity comes.

Energetically it has been a month of ups and downs, testing us to the core of our very being. I have found that each Angel this month has helped me navigate this often turbulent period.

With  the Angel of Commitment being the main theme, it has strengthened my resolve in what feels right for me. The Angel of Spontaneity at the New Moon was so delightful and felt so freeing. The Angel of Willingness came next and I was more able to change certain things that really needed to change., the Angel of Courage helped and supported me in the changes and readjustments.

The Angel of Clarity will now assist in that clear sighted view of where we go from here, well at least the next step.

I truly hope that you have enjoyed the Angels through this month of February, that they have inspired and assisted you. I would love to hear your thoughts and if all or one in particular that resonated with you.