Heart Warming


of the healing experience

Lisa’s Story

“Aileen’s energy and therapeutic presence was so kind and gentle which made me feel immediately at ease. Interacting in such gatherings there is such a great need for those who can hold space for others who are in the circle, which is something that having the presence of someone such as I would like to thank you Aileen for your ability to honour and hold that space.”

Lauren’s Sessions

“I have had a number of reiki, points and healing sessions with Aileen and she’s helped me in more ways than you can imagine. Aileen has taught me that our bodies need looking after, we need to eat well, drink water, exercise and rest! Sometime our bodies need help and Aileen has the gift to help make this happen, she soothes the soul.”

Jame’s Path

“I have been in no man’s land for a few years and started to feel the pull back on to the spiritual path. I just felt that my head was a bit cloudy and I needed a push to get connected. And then I did see, as if by chance, Aileen was offering some healing and I knew I could not miss this opportunity as it was meant to be.

Aileen offered me a 28 day Course, which consisted of a kick off on Skype working on my points, then on the 7th day a healing session then support on the 14th day, 21st day and 28th day to leaving me to progress, work over the week in between.

Thanks to Aileen I am in a much better place now and feeling more connected than I have for a while. I am now more honest and truthful to myself than I ever have been. I now know what I need to work on for me to clear the negative; also I am moving forward as well. Although the cloudy head may still be there, this is due to all the new questions coming up and that the future seems to be close but not close enough to see.

Aileen gave me the support and tools to help me move forward. I am very happy I spent the time with Aileen, she has guided me forward and helped me answer any questions I had. Giving me the strength to work on those deep wounds that have been buried for lifetimes of old, ones I didn’t want to face before.

I’m grateful to be back on the path. Thank You.”

Melody’s Soul Stirring

“I had one of the most profound experiences in one of Aileen’s workshops that I did with her in Mexico in 2014. It was her “Journey back to Self” workshop and much to my surprise, what I thought was going to be an afternoon of information & sharing, turned into some very deep, soul stirrings of wounds that I didn’t even know I had!”

Juli’s Change

“Please receive my gratitude. Fairies were not a big part of my experience. I have changed my mind about fairies. I did not know it needed changing. Gratefully my mind is changing from thinking fairies were cute, ethereal and relatively powerless. I still cherish the blackberry card that chose me during your healing session.
Gracias Aileen.”

Alison’s Healing

“I will NEVER forget how you healed my son Jack and it was amazing to witness, the doctors all said he needed an operation but a week of an hour healing with you every day healed him completely!!! My baby dog girl, Willow, was on her last legs as the cancerous tumour on her back was HUGE, but after you sent healing it almost disappeared and gave her another 12 months of pain free life!!!
When I fell down and thought I’d broken my ankle, it was black and blue and the pain was unbearable but you sent me healing and it was like magic!!! The pain disappeared overnight!!”



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