Hello I’m Aileen.

Hello and welcome to The Lighter Side. My name is Aileen Penn and I have worked as a therapist, intuitive energetic healer and workshop facilitator for 30 years. I have been blogging about my life experiences and thoughts since 2013.

We never stop learning and growing, it seems the more I learn the less I know. I look forward to the coming years full of enthusiasm and an unwavering passion for life.

Remember “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”.

Spirituality & Life

I have always felt this spiritual connection since childhood; I was fascinated by this unknown sphere but way back then it was not so openly talked about, unlike today.

So, it was a perfectly natural thing to seek a healer when my daughter Zoe became ill in 1987. She had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and had undergone surgery and radiotherapy.

In 1990 the tumour returned and medically no more could be done and we were told she had between 6-8 weeks to live. During these last weeks, she had hands on healing and I was told, you can do this for her as well.

I could feel the energy when I placed my hands on her and over the next few weeks, words became unnecessary as we could communicate on a non-verbal level.

It was a time of learning for me, such a beautiful space, so peaceful and tranquil at these times. I was also shown how to do The Metamorphic Technique and she loved these sessions.

Zoe died 7 weeks after the return of the tumour, she gave me the biggest gift, to be part of my life and teach me so much.
I now had a quest, a mission, to learn more and try to understand some of the amazing, wonderful moments we shared.

Healing Techniques

I started working as a freelance therapist in the early 1990’s using the Metamorphic Technique and then added Reiki and Aromatherapy to my practice. For the first 5 years I treated severely mentally and physically disabled children and young adults with Reiki.

They were my greatest teachers, with no verbal communication, “one had to feel, working on a purely energetic and intuitive basis”.  It really was a case of letting your instincts become your real guide.

This proved to be the strongest of foundations upon which I have built my working life.

Enjoying the Journey

I have travelled widely practising my arts, this has taken me throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

This awe inspiring journey has taken me through a wonderful labyrinth of learning.

In 2019 I started painting, a totally new creative adventure for me. Painting enabled me to tap back into my creative energy and intuitive knowing.

Painting also brought me back to the poems that for 30 years have inspired, nurtured and held me in so many miraculous ways.

The poems are from a limited-edition book called Dragonfly that I produced in 2010.

The poems were written by my youngest daughter Zoe who died aged 12 in 1990 and my eldest son Duncan who died aged 27 in 2003.

My wish now, is that more people can be inspired by these thought provoking, inspirational words.

I have had the precious gift of 5 wonderful children and thus far welcomed 7 beautiful grandchildren into the world.