Pointillist energy healing.

The Pointillist Energy Healing is my own unique healing modality that I have been using since 2008. I often use metaphors when working and my intuition or knowing is my greatest asset, along with many years’ experience working within the field of energy healing.
In a Pointillist Energy Healing Session I connect with your energy field and I’m intuitively drawn to various points on your body, the points encompass your whole being. The seemingly random points form a part of one’s blueprint, part of the beautiful whole. Energy healing activates the body’s own inherent ability to heal itself.

Our bodies are a complex energy system; health is a harmonious symphony of energy with the human organism. When we have dis-harmony within the system, when the right vibrational frequency or resonance is introduced, healing can take place.

This can take place not only with an energy healer but also with the vibrational frequencies of herbs, flowers, colour healing etc. Energy healing is not new; it has been around for millennia, it’s time to start using what the ancients knew, but what we also know deep within us.